Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Does Your Child Need a Tutor? Watch for These Warning Signs

Most parents don’t sign up their children for tutoring programs until a teacher recommends they do so— at which point the child’s grades have dropped and it’s a serious problem. Many students at this point have fallen far below standards and face extreme difficulty in bringing up their academic performance.
There are many warning signs, however, that will help you to spot potential issues and stop them before they become serious setbacks.

Below are a list of common “symptoms” that your child is in need of a tutor:

· Homework becomes increasingly difficult

· Feeling anxiety before exams or quizzes

· Self-esteem and confidence are decreasing

· Showing disinterest in learning

· Resistance to doing homework or studying

· Feelings of impatience or wanting to give up

· Reluctance to go to school

At eTutorsZone, we’ll work with your child to help reverse these symptoms and get them back on track. Our customized online tutoring services ensure that your child will receive the one-on-one attention they need to succeed. After going through our program, our students report that they experience an improvement in grades, self-esteem, and increased motivation. Book a free trial to see how eTutorsZone can help your child excel!

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